Reviews from Clients

Carrie Rasmussen


Aimee takes excellent care of my horse. I never worry about my horses welfare and I know Aimee goes above and beyond to make sure my horse is not only healthy but also happy! I would recommend her to everyone! She’s knowledgeable, personable and affordable (which is hard to find in the horse world). I couldn’t be happier with her services! 

Lindsey Colligan 


I love this place. I started working there, and then recently I was able to bring my horse. Since then, we have grown so much, and I cant wait to see what we continue to do. Aimee is so kind, and understanding. She is an amazing teacher, and I have learned so much from her.

Lily Young


Aimee is one of the most caring trainers that I have ever worked with. She is the trainer that instilled in me a lifelong passion for horseback riding. As someone who has worked with and has personally known Aimee since I was 8 years old, I can safely say that she was a role model, a teacher, and a friend to me and my entire family. I cannot emphasize enough the impact that Aimee had on me and my riding. Thank you, Aimee for a lifelong passion!



Aimee is a kind and caring instructor. She always puts the welfare of the horse and rider above all else. I could always trust Aimee to keep an eye on my horse. If I was out of town, I felt safe in the knowledge that Aimee had a watchful eye on my horse (even called me once when he had a tummy ache and we managed to get him fluids in time that we dodged a bullet!). She is also an excellent instructor, always trying to teach you to become a better rider while never making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. She keeps lessons fun and safe at a level where you and your horse are comfortable. Last but not least, she has some very sweet lesson horses that anyone would be lucky to ride! :)

Stephanie Malone


Aimee teaches you so much more than just how to ride. She taught me how to feed, groom, care for my horse, first aid skills, what to do in an emergency, how to load horses in a trailer and how to trailer them. How to clean tack and clean stalls. 26 years ago since my first lesson with her and she is the reason I have the knowledge and am the horseman/cowgirl I am today. My parents knew nothing about horses when I first started. I went on the High School rodeo, then college rodeo, and now I’m a member of the WPRA (Woman’s Professional Rodeo Association)

Vanessa Markarian


My husband & I both took lessons from Aimee. She also trained a green horse of ours who now is the perfect horse. Aimee is trained in both English & Western which is great since I ride English and my husband rides western. She is both educated and patient with the horses. We had a lovely experience with her and would highly recommended her.

Angie Krylo    

Aimee is an absolutely wonderful horse person to work and train with. You and your horse are in good hands when working with her. 

Kadi Hunt


Aimee is an amazing instructor who not only taught me so much and helped me to develop as a rider, but also fine tuned my gelding and helped us become a better team. She is extremely passionate about what she does and it shows.

Madison Perkins


Aimee is full of equine knowledge and is willing to share it will all of her students. Her teaching style is the perfect balance of firm & friendly. She is the one teacher I’ve had in this industry that never belittled me- instead she built me up, allowing me to grow in my horsemanship skills. She is kind, genuine, and SO real. A great mentor & friend. Her and her horses taught me so much, I highly recommend to any rider of any age or level. :)

Carrie Heyden


Aimee is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable about many aspects of owning, caring for and riding horses. I have trusted her for many years to care for our horses and to teach my daughter (And myself). I would highly recommend training and boarding at Where The Heart Ranch!

Ruth Oaks    

Aimee was the ONLY trainer that would even look at my 4 year old when she first wanted to learn to ride. She ended up taking her into her lesson program and nurtured the young rider and horse lover in her!

Traci Turner    

Aimee is top notch! Her knowledge & passion for both horse and rider are unrivaled in my opinion! She helped me become the equestrian I am today! I highly recommend her program!!



Such a peaceful place, and relaxed environment to learn how to ride for the first time, or the millionth time! And I loved the trail dedicated to one of her best training horses, Crimson. <3



Amazing environment. Amiee is kind and very knowledgeable. She truly loves her horses and you can tell this is her passion! I highly recommend where the heart is ranch!

Jessi Heyden    

Aimee teaches horsemanship and equine care, not just how to ride a horse.

Terry Spehar-Fahey


I took lessons from Aimee when she was in my location. She is very kind and patient with beginners. She went out of her way to get me started with my first horse. Where the Heart ranch is a beautiful place to ride too.